Agile Leadership Development

DeltaV Agile Leadership Development

Immersive, inspirational and scientifically proven, our agile leadership development programmes create agile, purpose-driven leaders ready to thrive in the digital age.

Why Leadership Matters

Technology-driven change is transforming business landscapes at breath-taking speed, making them more consumer focused, fast-paced and hyper-competitive than ever before and meaning agile leadership Development is vital in gaining and maintaining a competitive edge.

Leadership Development - The DeltaV Way

As a London-based, global leadership and management consultancy with over 14 years’ experience in delivering leadership training to tier one businesses, we know that learning and development solutions must be tailored to a client’s specific needs.

We understand that every client’s situation, heritage, culture, vision and goals will differ greatly, so each one deserves a bespoke solution to develop their greatest asset, their people.

Using world-class leadership psychometric tools to diagnose personality, leadership capability and benchmark people performance, our Research and Programme Design Team incorporate key business performance data with cutting-edge research to create bespoke leadership development and behavioural change programmes.

All our leadership coaching programmes are delivered by carefully selected teams from our pool of over 50 inspirational business consultants, matched to your culture to ensure there’s genuine chemistry and impactful and lasting behavioural change.

A DeltaV programme typically lasts 12 months and includes a blend of leadership skills workshops, innovative practical exercises, seminars and talks, as well coaching for leadership development.

Development for Agile leaders and Scrum Masters

With more and more businesses adopting ‘Agile’ and ‘Scrum’ leadership methods across their organisations, our Research and Programme Design Team aligned our Transformational Leadership Framework with the processes introduced on Agile Project Management qualifications, Scrum training and Scrum Product Owner courses.

Whilst these courses introduce a process, they do not help leaders with their biggest challenge – learning the most important leadership skills for good agile leadership development and how to adapt team cultures to implement agile ways of working.

This is why The DeltaV Agile Leader Programme offers training and coaching for Agile Leaders and Scrum Masters, based on a world-class, proven academic model and delivered using the framework below.

Leadership Development


Sample programme

All DeltaV Agile Coaching and Leadership Development programmes focus on creating lasting and sustained behavioural change, therefore typically last between 6 - 18 months. Each one will be different, but here’s the process we follow.

  • Understand. Our Research and Programme Design Team embed themselves alongside your senior leaders to understand your situation and agree key objectives.  
  • Design. Your programme is designed in detail and we work with your HR teams to align our work to your existing people development strategy. Our Operations Team will take care of all the administration to make your programme run smoothly.   
  • Measure. We’ll carefully select a leadership psychometric measurement tool to provide an empirical benchmark for people development and to demonstrate behavioural change.
  • Develop. Immersive leadership skills workshops explore key business and people challenges, educate on critical topics and create focussed action plans.
  • Cascade. Bespoke, collaborative leadership digital learning allows your leaders to join a collaborative, virtual learning community and for key lessons to be cascaded throughout the business, creating widespread behavioural and attitudinal change.
  • Embed. Quarterly executive coaching for leaders, delivered over a 12 month period, offers continued guidance and support as leaders embed new leadership behaviours and adjust the culture of their teams.
  • Review. Consultation, leadership skills workshops and seminars allow leaders to revisit goals, progress and future actions needed to embed change.


Our impact

Investment in our leadership training has been proven to elicit the following benefits and returns. 

  • An estimated increase in operational performance of up to 25%, resulting in increased revenue and EBITDA.
  • More effective leaders who can implement the same operational benefits as a 25% increase in headcount or a 65% increase in capital investment in a business.
  • Reduce employee turnover rate by changing leadership and management behaviour, helping save an estimated £19bn per annum.
  • Leaders better equipped to analyse, understand and solve complex problems, helping to gain competitive advantages.
  • Training to improve teamwork skills by teaching leaders how to lead more productive, resilient and motivated teams.
  • Retain top performing employees and reduce cost of recruiting new leaders, on-boarding and integration.
  • Improve employee engagement and productivity by helping leaders to shape an team culture that’s purpose-driven and closely aligned to strategic aims.

OUR RECENT Leadership development PROGRAMMES

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