Mental Resilience

Building Mental Resilience Training

Mental resilience training using lessons from business and performance psychology to give your people the knowledge, confidence and practical tools to thrive under pressure.

Why Mental Resilience?

Stress related sickness absence accounts for an average of 488,000 lost days and over £100bn of lost revenue every year for UK businesses, but poor mental health doesn’t just affect people at work, it can harm personal relationships, physical health and overall wellbeing.

There are two ways to tackle poor mental health. One option is to deliver mental health awareness training and signpost treatment for mental illness, which is predominantly reactive.

Or, an organisation can invest in proactive, preventative means of building mental resilience to help their people avoid becoming stressed, overwhelmed or suffering from poor mental health. 

By adopting developing The DeltaV Mental Resilience Programmes that is truly proactive and preventative, we stand apart as a leading mental resilience training provider.

Our Unique Approach

All of our programmes incorporate our industry-leading mental resilience and wellbeing psychometric tool, allowing us to accurately benchmark individual, team and organisational resilience.

Using this data, our Research and Programme Design Teams create bespoke programmes including mental resilience coaching, course and workshops and strategic consulting to help you shape an organisational culture that genuinely supports employee wellbeing and resilience. All of our programmes also include elements of physical wellbeing training and education.

Our Digital Learning platform allows us to cascade critical resilience and wellbeing topics throughout your organisation in a cost-effective way, offering your people bitesize modules on mental health awareness education, mindfulness training, stress management courses, mental health first aid and mental health training.

“Mental Resilience is a person’s determination to succeed, to continue performing at their very best despite pressure, change or disruption. It is the ability to overcome and respond positively to events, to learn from the experience and ‘bounce forward’, stronger then ever."
Sample programme

All of our programmes are bespoke, but here’s a summary of our recent projects. 

  • Strategic consultation and design alongside your senior leaders, HR teams and L&D specialists.
  • Each participant completes our Resilience Psychometric Questionnaire and receives detailed 1:1 feedback and coaching.
  • Immersive 2 day mental wellbeing workshops for leaders and managers offering practical ways of building personal resilience, building resilience in others and resilient teams.
  • 1 day mental resilience workshops for business professionals, offering practical techniques for building personal resilience and wellbeing and supporting a resilient culture.
  • Bespoke 12-month Resilience Digital Learning for up to 100,000 people across an organisation, offering collaborative, social and directed learning on mental resilience and wellbeing.
  • 1:1 mental resilience coaching for individuals who require additional support.
  • 1 day review workshops for senior leaders to embed behavioural change at a strategic, organisational level to promote a resilient culture.
"Under pressure, mentally tough people come together in teams that are more resilient than the sum of their parts"
Our impact

Our unique approach keeps people in your business and in peak condition for when you need them most. 

Our Building Mental Resilience Training is proven to generate: 

  • A greater awareness, understanding and common language of mental health, mental resilience and physical wellbeing across an organisation.
  • Up to 15% greater productivity and increased EBITDA.
  • Reduce stress related sickness absence cases by up to 75%.
  • Savings of up to £347,772 on sickness absence per investment of just £40,000 in resilience training.
  • Reduce presenteeism by up to 800%.
  • Leaders making more composed and effective decisions under pressure.
  • Build high performing teams that are task focused, resilient to pressure and change and instinctively supportive of each other.
  • People who are more determined, courageous and proud.



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