new look
The Challenge

New Look's position at the forefront of British fast fashion had been severely challenged by new disruptive competitors and a shift in customer trends. As a result, it was losing market share and was experiencing a decline in sales.

As a result, confidence was down and people had begun leaving the business, taking with them vital experience, talent and corporate knowledge.

The Chairman, Alistair McGeorge, decided to take action and focus on reversing the trend by developing his people first. 

He approached DeltaV to deliver an intervention that would quickly align his people with a new strategy and ignite their creativity, commitment and get them performing to their potential and recover the business. 

The Solution

Programme duration: 12 month

Participants: 180 Senior and Middle Managers

Amidst a complex problem, it was important for the DeltaV team to quickly get to the heart of New Look's problems. The team embedded themselves in the business for a week and realised that New Look's people had no connection to the core purpose of the business, what impact it had on its customers, society and each other. 

A bespoke 'Game Plan(TM)' intervention was designed to engage New Look's leaders in creating a new organisational and set of strategic frameworks, including a new vision, mission, strategic pillars and behavioural frameworks. 

The programme also included vital leadership development coaching and workshops that would help New Look's leaders adopt a transformational leadership style and inspire the best of their people, a change that would be vital to get the business working at its potential again. 

After 'Game Plan(TM)' had been created, the DeltaV team helped New Look's leaders create a cascade and engagement programme that delivered the new direction to everyone in the business with an inspiring and motivating message. 


The decision to invest in approaching the complex business challenge by developing people as the first priority paid dividends. 

The people of the business were quickly excited and inspired by the realisation that their hard work had a genuine impact on their customers, society and each other. Their confidence grew as did their commitment and engagement which ignited their creative potential, helping to transform vital aspects of the business such as design, marketing and customer experience. 

New Look saw a direct impact of their DeltaV programme on their financial performance, reporting profit increases, improvements to EBITDA, customer satisfaction and loyalty and led to the successful transition to new shareholders in 2015.