The Challenge

International Data Corporation were holding a quarterly meeting, a day that was expected to become a "long and challenging day”. Matt and his wellbeing coaches were approached to deliver a workshop that would engage and invigorate attendees in a way that was different to the 'traditional' team-building activities. 

“a great way to break the day up and have some fun”
The Solution

Programme duration: 6 months

Participants: 200

Matt and his coaches designed a session that was impactful, engaging and inclusive. It was important for attendees to feel comfortable and remain in their professional clothes, so the session consisted of light activity.

Within the session, it was highlighted how movement and mobility exercises can have a huge impact on your physical and mental state and gave attendees exercises to take away.


Attendees expressed a state of readiness and alertness following the session, reporting an increased awareness of the body, and how movement can impact their physical and mental health.