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The Challenge

The CEO of the BT Global Health Division approached DeltaV to help him ascertain why his business and team of 200 leaders were struggling to reach their potential and maintain key relationships with strategically important clients such as the NHS. 

In such a market as competitive as the provision of support services to Health Care clients, the CEO could not afford for his people to underperform or risk quickly losing clients, threatening the growth of his business. 

With a clear vision and ambition for future expansion, the CEO commissioned DeltaV to first conduct diagnostics and analytical research to determine the root cause of underperformance, before a bespoke development would be designed to address the issue. 

The Solution

Programme duration: 12 months

Participants: 200 Senior Leaders

By conducting qualitative and quantitative research, the DeltaV team quickly established that people across the business were working without a clear sense of purpose, unaware of the impact that they were having on their customers, society and each other. 

In consultation with the CEO, it was decided that a Game Plan(TM) Organisational Purpose programme would be launched, to clarify the purpose of the business and create a new set of strategic pillars, values and behavioural frameworks that would be cascaded throughout the business to guide people towards success. 

The strategic frameworks were developed with the top 200 leaders of the business during facilitated group workshops and discussions, before an inspiring 'Game Plan' was agreed upon. This was then cascaded throughout the organisation by the same 200 leaders that created it, creating pride, ownership and empowerment to these leaders and their teams. 


The impact on the leaders and their people was rapid and resonated deeply. Inspired by recognition of the impact of their work - their purpose - leaders cascaded the Game Plan and motivated their teams with renewed vigour, fuelled by a stronger sense of belonging, ownership, autonomy.

The effectiveness of the top 200 leaders continued to improve exponentially over the following months as their confidence, engagement and pride in their work grew. 

The resulting impact on the business's customers was tangible and key client relationships were strengthened and once threatened, critical contracts were renewed and maintained, allowing the business to grow and evolve in line with strategic objectives.