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The Challenge

Managers of the Global Data Analytics team at Experian were in the midst of an extremely high-pressure project to deliver a revolutionary piece of SaaS software that would introduce the business to a new market that was of vital strategic importance.

The 34 senior leaders responsible for delivering this incredible project had been at the forefront of design and development for over a year, and with just 3 months until launch, needed to invest a short amount of time considering their mental health, resilience and physical wellbeing, before jumping back into their hectic schedules managing a global project involving hundreds of specialists. 

DeltaV were commissioned to design a Mental Resilience and Physical Wellbeing workshop that would be included in the team's global conference in London, providing a high-impact, thought-provoking day that helped the team maintain their energy, focus and motivation as the most important period of the project drew near. 

The Solution

Programme duration: 4 weeks

Participants: 34 Senior Leaders

The project was commissioned at very short notice, with only 3 weeks to design a bespoke workshop and for Experian's leaders to complete a Resilience Quotient Inventory (RQi(TM)) psychometric and received detailed 1:1 feedback and coaching via video. 

The Experian team was located in Seattle, USA, Monaco, France, Sofia, Bulgaria, Hong Kong and in the UK so the DeltaV quickly began delivering the RQi(TM) coaching sessions whilst understanding the different cultures and leadership challenges that the different members of the team experienced on a daily basis. 

This insight allowed the team to design a bespoke workshop that addressed the different realities of all of these cultures, some of which were very different to each other, particularly in attitude towards mental health, stress management and resilience. 

The workshop that was incorporated critical lessons from DeltaV's Mental Resilience, Leadership Development and Physical Wellbeing programmes, delivered in bitesize form as part of a 1-day workshop. 


Arriving at a critical time in the delivery of the SaaS project, the Experian team greatly valued the opportunity to stop and invest in themselves, particularly in considering how to safeguard their own mental health, resilience and energy levels.  

Many leaders also expressed gratitude in learning how to build resilient teams and adapt their leadership style to help safeguard and develop the mental resilience of their people, many of whom were under considerable pressure to deliver innovative new technology that had never been delivered before, let alone proven.