shop direct
The Challenge

Having enjoyed a period of sustained success and growth, Shop Direct underwent a number of years of change, acquisition and mergers. During this period, two British retail giants were merged, combining the catalogue retailer Littlewoods with Shop Direct itself to establish an all-new Shop Direct Group structure. 

CEO Mark Newton-Jones reached out to DeltaV to help stabilise the business during the turbulent merger process and to manage the people aspect of strategic change.

Mark set DeltaV the challenge of creating a new purpose for the organisation that would inspire and align his people, as well as new strategic pillars, values, behavioural frameworks and a leadership programme that would prepare his leadership teams to deliver success. 

The Solution

Programme duration: 3 years

Participants: Over 1,000 Senior, Middle and Junior leaders

DeltaV designed a large-scale version of its 'Game Plan(TM)' process to create a new purpose for the organisation and a series of workhops that allowed the senior leaders of the business to shape the people strategies that they would use to stabilise and grow the business.

This 'Game Plan(TM)' was then cascaded throughout the business in immersive, inspiring and collaborative workshops that connected people throughout the business to new strategic direction, vision and objectives.

An in-depth Leadership Development programme supported the 'Game Plan(TM)' process, educating and inspiring Shop Direct's leaders to form high performing teams full of highly engaged, fully aligned and motivated people. 


Despite a complex merger, involving bringing together two business and developing an online operating model that was unfamiliar to many people in the new business, the new organisation quickly stabilised and grew rapidly. 

Shop Direct leaders were pivotal in helping compose and align their teams, inspiring their people and unlocking their creative potential. As a result of clearly understanding the purpose of the organisation, employees reported feeling closely connected to the business with a strong sense of loyalty and engagement. 

Following excellent early results and maximising the momentum that Mark Newton-Jones heavily accredited to DeltaV's work, Shop Direct was able to deliver change again and created an entirely new brand and business when it launched