Lloyds Pharma
The Challenge

Lloyds Pharmacy was a well-established market leader in the provision of prescribed and over-the-counter medicines and a vital link in the nationwide provision of medical care, serving many thousands of customers every day. 

At the front line of providing this vital service were their pharmacists, highly educated and trained clinical specialists who, as well as providing expert medical advice, were required to lead and manage the people and business functions that kept their pharmacies running. 

Until DeltaV was commissioned to provide a Leadership Development programme to these pharmacists, they had suffered from a dearth of personal development and as a result, lacked the leadership skills to effectively run efficient teams. 

The Solution

Programme duration: 3 years

Participants: 200

DeltaV was commissioned to design a bespoke Leadership Development programme for over 200 of Lloyd's Area Manager and Pharmacist front-line leaders. 

The programme incorporated the Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire, or MLQ(TM), 1:1 coaching, immersive, theory-based workshops which also included outdoor activities and continued coaching and long-term support over a 12-month period. 


The programme was deemed to be highly impactful by both senior sponsors and participants alike. Retention across the business, as well as in the leadership population, was seen to increase significantly and the business performance of leader's pharmacies was recognised to have improved as a result of the programme. 

Leaders recognised the investment that had been made in them as people and the positive impact that this would have on their teams and customers, therefore reported feeling a greater sense of engagement, commitment and loyalty to the business. 

The transformational leadership techniques that had been taught also allowed for efficiency to increase in each pharmacy and for employees to report higher satisfaction and engagement as a result.