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The Challenge

HelloFresh’s growth during 2015/16 was both substantial and impressive. The company moved from a shared workspace to a state of art facility near Liverpool Street station.

With substantial growth came many challenges, and after initial conversations with Luke Grob (Head of Operations) and further consultations with HellFresh's HR team, it was explained that they were looking for an innovative and impactful wellbeing programme.

It would need to be highly effective to employees as individuals and also bring the workforce together, in an environment that was both enjoyable and educational. Most importantly it needed to leave a legacy. 

As a predominantly sedentary workforce there were some standout challenges, most notably; how employees could take care of their bodies without disrupting their working day. 

The Solution

 Programmes duration: 6 months

Participants: 150

DeltaV’s team of wellbeing experts designed a programme to perfectly suit HelloFresh’s needs, culture and environment.

Over a period of 6 months, coaches delivered a musculoskeletal health programme that taught employees how to mobilise, stretch and activate their bodies to combat the stress placed on them.

Each session was 15-20 minutes long, meaning employees spent minimal time away from their work commitments. The programme was designed to give a complete overview of the musculoskeletal system, the effects of a sedentary life on the body and ways in which employees can cope better with the demands of a modern working environment.

Throughout the DeltaV programme, employees had an opportunity to engage with different people in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.


HelloFresh employees developed an understanding of the musculoskeletal system and its functions, enabling them to take better care of their bodies and minds, at work and home. Employees also learnt how to prevent and manage the common health issues associated with the modern work environment.

The DeltaV wellbeing programme resulted in a more alert, engaged and productive staff, with a greater sense of health and wellbeing throughout the organisation. Employees reported a greater sense of belonging in the HelloFresh team and felt valued by their employers.