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The Challenge

As an internet translation, filing and search services company, RWS employees found themselves spending substantial, unbroken periods of time at their work stations. This presented a multitude of challenges, including a difficult environment to maintain physical health and an environment where collaboration and sense of team was hard to achieve.


After an initial conversation with Richard Thompson (CFO), Matt and his design team were then commissioned to work closely with Tammy Pardoe (HR Director) to design a programme that engaged employees, increased their awareness of physical wellbeing and brought their people together.

"The team of coaches were understanding, challenging (in a good way) and incredibly knowledgable. I learnt so much during every session".
The Solution

Programme duration: 12 months

Participants: 100

Matt's team of wellbeing experts designed a programme that centred on physical wellbeing and collaboration. Coaches delivered a musculoskeletal health programme that taught employees how to mobilise, stretch and activate their bodies to combat the stress placed on them.

The sessions were 20-30 minutes each meaning employees spent minimal time away from their work stations, but had enough time to meet and collaborate with other departments. The programme was designed to give a complete overview of the musculoskeletal system and the affects a sedentary lifestyle can have on its function. Employees were given small goals to implement into their lives, to cope better both at work and at home. The environment was crucial to the success of the programme so our coaches ensured it was informal, enjoyable and inspiring.


RWS employees felt more alert, engaged and productive in their day to day work, and also reported taking the lessons they had learnt through their DeltaV programme home and implementing them into their leisure time.

Employees gained a good understanding of the body which enabled them to manage and eradicate potential health issues that can arise through leading a sedentary life. With a greater sense of belonging and team cohesion, employees appreciated the opportunity to engage with different teams and departments, and continued these relationships following their work with Matt and his team.