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The Challenge

Secret Escapes required a different, engaging and educational wellbeing programme that matched their culture and values. Chloe Palmer (HR Director) wanted a programme that was effective, educational and brought her employees together. It also needed to be engaging and further enhance their fantastic culture.

Employees had expressed to HR that they were looking for some help and support to enable them to take care of the aches and pains that arise from long hours sedentary.

"We liked the way that DeltaV not only supported the physical space at Secret Escapes, but the mental wellbeing space as well"
The Solution

Programme duration: 9 months

Participants: 250

DeltaV’s team of wellbeing experts designed a bespoke programme to perfectly suit Secret Escapes needs, culture and environment. Coaches delivered a musculoskeletal health programme that taught employees how to mobilise, stretch and activate their bodies to combat the stress placed on them. Furthermore, we challenged employees to consider a holistic approach to their wellbeing through engaging Q&A’s and group tasks.

Sessions were 20-30 minutes meaning employees spent minimal time away from their work commitments. The programme was designed to give a complete overview of the musculoskeletal system, the affects of a sedentary lifestyle and the ways in which employees can cope better at work and at home.


Following their DeltaV programme, the 300+ employees we worked with left their workshops having developed a much stronger understanding of the body, enabling them to manage and eradicate potential health issues that arise through being sedentary.

Employees were delighted to report that they felt more alert, engaged and productive following our work, with a greater sense of belonging and teamwork. Employees had an opportunity to engage with different people in a relaxed and enjoyable environment and know that DeltaV's support is with them throughout their new steps into better health.

Secret Escapes learnt how to unwind and switch off, ensuring an improved mental state at home and at work.