Physical Wellbeing

physical wellbeing

Designed by our team of sport scientists and industry experts, DeltaV Wellbeing keeps your people happy, healthy and able to perform. 

The Role of Wellbeing in Performance

Physical Wellbeing - the habits you create to ensure health, high performance and happiness.

We help to build and sustain healthy, resilient and productive organisations through thorough, immersive and sustainable physical health and wellbeing provision. Our aim is clear… we strive to improve people’s health, in order to improve their performance at work. By learning ways to manage every element of Physical Wellbeing you will not only achieve an improved performance at work, but at home as well.

Recent figures show that over 507,000 UK workers are suffering from a range of musculoskeletal disorders, resulting in a staggering 8.9 million work days lost through time off.

Alongside employee absence, many employees are present but not productive. Each year, it is estimated that employers lose an average of 27.5 days per employee due to absenteeism and presenteeism. It is estimated that this costs the UK economy a staggering £73bn per year. Through our carefully designed wellbeing programmes, we can help combat this.

A DeltaV wellbeing programme typically lasts 12 months and includes a blend of leadership skills workshops, innovative practical exercises, seminars and talks, as well coaching for leadership development.

Physical Wellbeing - Our Unique Approach

Our programmes have been developed through years of research in Performance, Sport and Exercise Science, and Health Psychology.  The duration of our programmes are traditionally 12 months or longer, enabling us to help you develop a culture that supports and champions wellbeing and most importantly, embeds habitual change.

Our wellbeing business experts, who are carefully selected to fit your organisation, focus delivery on the factors below, our ‘Wellbeing Elements’.

Physical Wellbeing Programme

Delivered by physiologists, sport scientists and top healthcare professionals, our physical health and wellbeing programmes are inclusive, educational, and most importantly, enjoyable. Throughout the programme, your DeltaV programme manager will work closely with you to ensure the programme is engaging and delivering the desired results.


Sample programme

No one organisation is the same, therefore no one programme is the same. We ensure that your wellbeing programme is tailored to your people, your organisation and your culture. Here’s how we achieve this:

  • Understand and measure. Our highly qualified coaches and consultants carry our healthcare assessments and identify key areas of development.
  • Design. We work with you to create a bespoke programme that is tailored to compliment your existing wellness strategy.
  • Engage. For some people, the thought of wellbeing business training can be daunting, or perhaps they don’t realise the benefits. We invest time to reassure everyone and get them excited about improving their health and lifestyle.
  • Educate. Immersive leadership workshops will hone in on cultural development and equip your leaders. Drop-in clinics, seminars, group classes and 1:1 coaching will further develop your people on how to improve their wellbeing. Throughout the whole process we will refer to the Delta V Wellbeing Elements.
  • Cascade. Video-based, mobile delivered digital learning cascades critical wellbeing topics to anyone, anytime, anywhere in your business.
  • Review and measure. Following the programme, we will carry out the same measurements with the participants and review with senior leaders.
Our impact

Our Wellbeing Programmes are designed to be proactive, preventative and cost-effective ways of achieving the following results.

  • Employee brand – offering a wellbeing programme ensures your brand is strengthened. You’re seen as a caring, considerate and forward-thinking employer.
  • Employee benefits – employees look far deeper than the sum they’re paid. A thoughtful and structured wellbeing programme is a great benefit.
  • Savings of up £1,500 per employee each year in reduced sickness absence.
  • Increased overall business output by up to 20%.
  • Increased productivity resulting in savings of £228,000 after a £20,000 investment in Wellbeing training.
  • Increased employee satisfaction of up to 40%.
  • 35% reduction in claims for work related injuries.
  • Reduced turnover and recruitment costs by preventing people ‘burning out’.

OUR RECENT Physical wellbeing programmes

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