Travis Perkins plc is a British builders’ merchant and home improvement retailer with head offices based in Northampton. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange, and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.
Travis Perkins plc is the largest distributor of building materials and products in the UK, with a turnover of some £6.2billion, 30,000 colleagues across the UK and a branch network of almost 2,000.

It serves a broad range of end markets from generalist to specialist propositions in the building, construction and home improvement markets via a number of brands including Travis Perkins, Keyline, Benchmarx, BSS and Wickes.

Like many businesses, the Covid-19 pandemic acted as a catalyst for change within Travis Perkins and has provided the opportunity to accelerate various strategic initiatives to strengthen the core of the business and position them well for the future.

Having recognised resilience as a critical theme in the development of colleagues moving forward, the business wanted to embed a common language around and approach to resilience, based on a scientific approach and using simple yet effective language, tools and techniques. Travis Perkins therefore engaged with Delta V Partners in order to deliver and embed a resilience programme initially for their regional directors.

The first population to go through the programme were 80 regional directors from the Travis Perkins and Benchmarx brands, as a way of providing acknowledgement and support during a tough year in business. The programme has been extended to 603 branch managers, 100 sales managers and 20,000 colleagues via online learning, following recognition of its potential to help create a genuine competitive advantage moving forward. Keyline is also sending 100 senior managers through the course.

Sponsored by Travis Perkins Managing Director Kieran Griffin, the initial programme took place in Q4 2020.

“The wellbeing of our workforce has always been high on the strategic agenda at Travis Perkins, and the Covid-19 pandemic has brought this even further into focus.
We are committed to providing our colleagues with the tools and support they need to thrive in the workplace and I’m confident that the resilience programme delivered by Delta V Partners has given us the practical tools and learning from which to drive cultural change and build resilience into our DNA.”
Kieran Griffin, Managing Director, Travis Perkins
The Delta V Partners Resilience programme is structured around the Resilience Quotient Inventory (RQi™), which was developed in partnership with the University of Westminster’s Centre For Resilience. The model is the product of eight years of research into how effective coping strategies and mechanisms build personal and team resilience.
The programme (which started in Q4 2020) encompasses four half day modules split over four weeks including self purpose and fulfilment, managing emotions, positive mindset, managing problems and sleep/nutrition. These are delivered with structured activities in between modules to allow participants to put learning in practice immediately.

Modules were delivered via Zoom, with sensing technology used to gather insight and feedback. Live coaching via WhatsApp was used to extend learning and provide additional support.

Course participants also received an hour of individual coaching based on their RQi™ profile.

The course adopts an engaging and innovative delivery style, providing both time and space to reflect and also ensuring that interaction is high, with activities and ongoing live support ensuring maximum impact on participants and ultimately, business.

Programme attendees benefited from:
  • Stress triggers identified and addressed resulting in the systematic reduction of risk of poor mental health across the business
  • Increased psychological safety and wellbeing through the provision of safe, confidential space that positively engages individuals to consider their current context, emotion state and make informed choices to improve their wellbeing (RQi 1:1 coaching)
  • Preventative approach to managing burnout and poor mental health by building resilience
  • Improved openness, inclusivity and emotional awareness by challenging attitudes, beliefs and habits
  • Confidence to communicate and express emotions
  • Confidence to have 1:1 conversations that focus on emotion, as well as task, increasing engagement and performance
  • Increased focus on strengths (flow) and leveraging them to increase resilience, engagement and performance
  • Bringing balance to the fast-paced delivery culture by creating space for reflection and developing the habit of reflection individually and as teams
  • Improved lifestyle choices - exercise, nutrition, down-time and sleep.
The programme also provided some valuable cultural feedback for the business which will be useful in the design and implementation of other strategic initiatives moving forwards.

Such was the success of the programme that Travis Perkins plc has commissioned it for a further two brands in the Group, Keyline and BSS.

In a further cascading of the programme within Travis Perkins, 603 branch managers and 100 sales managers are also undergoing the course and a specially created online learning system is being implemented in order to support 20,000 colleagues to develop workplace resilience.